1. What are the signs of hearing loss?

For many people, hearing loss is a natural and gradual part of the aging process, and the onset is so gradual they aren’t aware  their hearing is deteriorating. Hearing loss can also becaused by genetic problems, medical conditions,ear infections, illness, traumatic injury or prolonged exposure to noise.

2. How to choose your hearing instuments?

Choosing the right hearing instruments comes down to a number of factors:your hearing loss, the features and look you prefer and your lifestyle. Today, there are many great styles and choices ? One is just right for you.

3. How can I help friends & family with hearing loss?

For many people, hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process, and the onset is so gradual they aren’t aware their hearing is deteriorating. If someone you care about has a hearing loss, there are many ways you can help. Facing them when talking, articulating words clearly and minimizing background noise when possible are all techniques that will help your hearing impaired loved one.

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